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Features: Compared with the traditional barrier fence, good flexibility, impact resistance and strong anti-collision performance, good resistance, snow, hurricane-resistant ability and other characteristics. In addition, the permeability of a better cable fence will be more conducive to tourists enjoy the natural landscape.
Main Application: For high-way, railways and bridges on both sides of the protection zone; airports, ports and terminals security; highways, mountains and tourist attractions road safety.
Advantages: Compared to other conventional wave barrier and highway crash barrier, because of its own material properties, cable barrier have the following two significant advantages: advantages One: prevention of secondary damage, reduce the safety of drivers and passengers who accident. Two advantages: the driver field of vision through the air rate is high, reduce driver eye fatigue. 

Add: Taicheng Development Zone, Anping County, Hebei, China.
Tel: 0086-311-85215822
Fax: 0086-311-85212980