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Chimney Cap

Metal chimneys are used for many wood stove and pre-fab fireplace installations, as well as in gas venting. Most all metal chimneys need to have a cap or termination. This is for a number of reasons including:

1. There is nowhere for rain to go in these chimneys. Without a cap, the rain will run into your stove, fireplace or heater and/or ruin your walls and ceilings.
2. Birds and other animals will enjoy the warmth of your chimney and possibly clog it with nests. The cap helps keep them out.
3. Metal chimneys are made of two or three layers of metal with air or insulation between them. Without a cap, water and moisture can get into these layers and cause premature failure of the chimney and other problems.

Most metal chimneys are sold and installed with a termination cap that is manufactured by the maker of the chimney parts. This is often the best and safest cap to use because it is designed specifically for the exact brand. There are times when you may need to install a generic retrofit onto a metal chimney, such as when:
1. You have draft or wind problems.
2. Your cap has worn out and you cannot locate the manufacturer of your chimney.

Add: Taicheng Development Zone, Anping County, Hebei, China.
Tel: 0086-311-85215822
Fax: 0086-311-85212980