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Expanded Metal Grating

Grating is the most economical industrial walking surface you can install in your plant. Walking surface is anti-skid, providing safe foothold.
The open design allows effective sprinkler coverage for fire protection; prevents dirt, grease or snow accumulation; it enables a visual 'see-through' area inspection; lowers maintenance costs.
Expanded Solutions grating costs less than bar-type or sheet metal grating and is easier to install in new or replacement applications.

One of the major purpose for Expanded Metal is grating. They come in 2 types: Light and Heavy grating.

Materials : Expanded metal grating can be manufactured in Aluminium, Stainless steel, Mild steel, and other metals.

Patterns for Gratings : Diamond, square, round, triangle, scale hole.

Sizes: Thickness from 0.50mm to 8.00mm. Hole width from 2.500mm to 50mm. Hole length from 4.50mm to 100mm. Openness from 0.50mm to 8.00mm.

Features : Using expanded metal grating or expanded metal mesh is to ensure safety, strength and anti-skid surface of the most economical manner, especially on the runway, working platforms.

Add: Taicheng Development Zone, Anping County, Hebei, China.
Tel: 0086-311-85215822
Fax: 0086-311-85212980